My name is Matthew Payne. I'm currently based in Los Angeles, but I grew up in PG County, Maryland. I've been in love with photography, traveling, and experiencing new cultures.  

“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets” 

I received my first camera Christmas Day 2015. It was a gift from my mother mainly because I travel a lot and it was something to capture those moments. My close friend Myles had already been in love with photography and took me out to learn more about it. I ended up going out more shooting manually, watching youtube and other tutorials only and fell in love with photography. I couldn't find out what I loved to capture the most. From nightlife, portraits, travel, journalism, or just time with family and friends. That's when I realized I just loved taking photos or any and everything, that's where the name MyCameraReady came from. I never left the house without the camera, didn't matter if we were going to the mall. Now I am looking to buy my own studio in Los Angeles to pursue my photography career even further. I hope you enjoy the art I love to capture so much.

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